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At Maitri Holistic Arts, we are a community of wellness professionals offering a variety of treatment modalities to help you with what’s affecting your body, mind, and spirit. To schedule with any of our practitioners, please use the contact info listed below.

Anita  |  Bella Body Spa

Bio and additional info coming soon!

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Phone: (443) 803-7342

Danette M. Layton, RN, BSN, MAc, LAc  |  Healing Journeys


Danette Layton has been a nurse for over thirty years with much of that time spent in oncology nursing and helping people with cancer. She decided to become an Acupuncturist to be able to offer a different set of tools – one that focuses on wellness.

Danette believes that wellness is about maintaining harmony in our bodies and channeling our energy to maintain balance. “Acupuncture helped me through difficult transitions in my life. It supported me during a divorce, getting through school and going through treatment for cancer. I gained an important insight from this: you can use life’s challenges and transitions to become the best version of yourself – the person you were all along.”

We all face challenges in our lives that affect us on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. Acupuncture can offer clarity and support when you need it the most.

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Phone: (443) 892-3333

Jade  |  Sacred Womb Healing

Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner

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Phone: (415) 496-5233

Jonathan Bowling, LMT  |  Sanctuary Repose

Massage Therapy

Since I was young, I’ve had a passion for helping other people. Many of my family members live with chronic and complex health conditions and disabilities, and have been a huge inspiration in my journey. I wanted for the longest time to be a nurse in the trauma field, but after experiencing trauma of my own, I decided that path wasn’t the best for my mental health. I knew somehow, I still wanted to practice healthcare.

​Growing up in a low income household, I didn’t have access to massage therapy or spas. After graduating from my high school’s Allied Health program, I decided to get certified as a pharmacy technician. From there, I was able to make my own income, and I got my first massage.

​It occurred to me after that experience that massage was a powerful medical tool. I soon discovered that other countries have been using massage as a form of medicine for centuries. In the US, we tend to either look at it as a luxury or as physical medicine, and underestimate the potential of combining its forms. Further, it is usually only accessible to the wealthy, especially for higher end services.

Through massage school, I got a brief experience of a higher end service that changed my life. I realized that from my upbringing, I felt alienated from luxury spaces that my family previously couldn’t afford. Wealthy spaces tended to have a culture that was difficult to assimilate to, and I wanted to change that.

​Receiving massage has helped me tend to my emotional wounds, my physical pain, and given me a sense of belonging and empowerment when it became accessible and available. Giving massage has allowed me to share the gift of healing with my loved ones, who have given me experience in aiding a wide variety of conditions, including diabetes, congestive heart failure, autism, epilepsy, scoliosis, visual impairments, depression, anxiety, addiction recovery, and so much more. I now extend this gift of healing to the rest of our local community.

Being a person from a marginalized group in society, experiencing the gratitude of helping others from a variety of backgrounds, and seeing the healthcare system from many angles, whether it be holistic, natural, or pharmaceutical, has led me to the creation of my own practice.

I have a passion for diversity, inclusion, empathy, acceptance, empowerment, and helping others to navigate the systems that have long caused me difficulty. I work with clients of all backgrounds, and I’m especially passionate about the healing and forward movement of trauma-survivors and marginalized communities like transgender and other LGBT+, disabled and neurodiverse, BIPOC, and immigrant communities.

This takes many forms in my practice, including:

  • Collaborations with artists and other healthcare providers
  • Informative and educational resources for patients
  • Diversity continuing education for providers
  • Patient access to medical records from our sessions
  • Promotions and systems in place to make massage more affordable
  • Care coordination with other providers
  • Multi-lingual access
  • Integration of luxury and healthcare within treatments

When walking the world in hypervigilance, it helps to know that you have a safe space. Let this be your safe space.

I always enjoy further suggestions and hearing other voices, so please feel free to contact me!

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Phone: (443) 814-9788

Kathleen Bowling, LMT, CMLDT  |  Healing Journeys

Oncology Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Reiki

Kat is a Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist, specializing in Oncology Massage. She is known for her especially soothing and gentle touch, bringing deeply therapeutic work to every body – including those with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos, headaches/migraines, chronic fatigue, and symptoms/side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. She believes strongly that self-care is a necessity for health and wellness; no one can pour from an empty cup. Kat has additional training in Healing Touch and is a Reiki Master Teacher.

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Phone: (443) 892-3333

Marcella Benjamin  |  Divine Guidance, LLC

Spiritual Wellness Coach

Welcome! I’m Marcella, a Spiritual Wellness Coach, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master.

Divine Guidance is a holistic wellness practice, focusing on mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Divine Guidance was birthed through my life’s challenges, experiences, and love for the Divine. Deepening self love and healing became my number one priority. Whether, I’m practicing Reiki , giving Intuitive Readings or Coaching, my work is a reflection of my heart and soul.

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Phone: (301) 318-9929

Mika Singer, LCPC, MA  |  Therapy Your Way

Professional Counseling

Bio and additional info coming soon!

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Phone: (443) 629-7463

Rebecca Fitzgerald, RMP, CMLDT  |  Healing Journeys

Massage Therapist, Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist

I received my massage therapy education from Cortiva Institute in Linthicum Heights, MD.

Massage Therapy is a second career for me. I have been in the medical field for more than 25 fulfilling years as a Certified Nursing Assistant, with 17 of those years in hospice care.

I have always had a calling to care for others. The love of helping others is what led me to Massage Therapy. I have a soulful passion for holistic health; mind, body and spirit. And through gentle bodywork I strive to assist the body in reaching optimal balance and to just overall feel better – whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

I am fully integrating my medical background and massage therapy. I’ve recently completed training and certification in the Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage in addition to Chikly, LDT1. In the coming months, I am enrolled in training courses for Integrative Reflexology, Oncology Massage Therapy, and End of Life Massage.

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Phone: (443) 892-3333

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